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Medically Supervised Weight Loss


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Program Benefits

  • Lose up to one pound per day
  • Trileana® hormone signals the body to use stored fat for energy
  • Naturally-reduced appetite
  • No negative effect on metabolism
  • Medically supervised by licensed professionals
  • Set and achieve realistic goals on your way to a healthy new lifestyle
  • Learn healthy habits for eating and exercising

Program Outline

Our program is an eight-session medically supervised weight loss program using Trileana® along with a low-calorie diet. You will need to see a medical staff member before admittance into the program. Once admitted, you will meet once a week with our health and fitness specialist, who will assess your weight loss needs. Height, weight, BMI, circumference measurements, body fat percentage, and progress photos will be assessed. Food diary analysis will be evaluated at these visits as well.

What You Will Receive

  • Weekly visits supervised by our health and fitness specialist to assess your progress and provide support and motivation
  • Individualized guidance about healthy foods and lifestyle changes
  • Personalized exercise plan and weekly monitoring of plan
  • Trileana® hCG Hormone
  • Personal weight loss packet that includes the proper tools for a successful program

Optional Follow-Up Sessions

After you complete the Trileana® eight-session program, optional follow up sessions will be offered. You will have the choice to come into the office to have your health and fitness plans assessed, discuss your progress, and receive the tools you will need to continue on your path to a healthy new lifestyle.

*These optional sessions will be offered for a minimal cost.

Any questions feel free to email or call Joyce at (815) 477-0300.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hCG and is it natural?

hCG is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body during a women’s pregnancy. The hormone during pregnancy enables the body to mobilize fat and use it for energy for the mother and fetus. The same concept is done with Trileana® for weight loss and is a much more concentrated amount of hCG. Using hCG for weight loss does not “trick the body” to think it is pregnant either, in fact, both women and men can use Trileana®.

Why don’t women lose weight when they are pregnant then?

Women who are pregnant do not lose weight because the hCG being produced is helping mobilize fat for both the woman and fetus. Because they have another person they are trying to supply nutrients for, the hCG is working to supply nutrients for two people.

Wouldn’t I lose just as much weight if I were just on a very low calorie diet without Trileana®?

The most important thing to know about weight loss is:

  • If calories in = more than calories burned = you will NOT lose weight, you will either gain or maintain.
  • If calories in = less than or equal to calories burned = you WILL lose weight, or maintain.

With that said, yes, you could lose weight if you were just on a very low calorie diet.

HOWEVER, by decreasing your caloric intake dramatically and not introduce the right kinds of foods and nutrients, you will lose muscle mass. Muscle mass is important to have on the body because it helps burn fat faster and more efficient!

Because I have to eat so fewer calories, won’t I get really hungry?

Since hCG makes the fat more readily available for the body to use as energy, it naturally reduces appetite. Your body is constantly burning fat, which makes your body think that you just ate. You may find yourself being hungry at certain times; if this occurs make sure you drink plenty of water. Water is also a natural appetite suppressant.

How much weight do people usually lose on the Trileana® hCG?

Individual results vary. But, if the Diet Plan and Maintenance Plans are followed strictly, and a proper personalized exercise program is introduced and followed, patients on average lose about 20 lbs per month. It is common for patients to lose up to 12 lbs. in the first week and from then on continue to lose weight, reaching plateaus intermittently. Do not become discouraged if you have reached a plateau, inches will continue to decrease even if the scale still reads the same number 2 weeks in a row.

If I have high blood pressure should I take Trileana® hCG?

Yes, because hCG is used in weight loss, and losing weight is one of the best ways to lower blood pressure, taking hCG is appositive way to help reduce blood pressure.

I have heard of other hCG programs, what makes Trileana® different and why should I try Trileana®?

There are many different diets out there today using the hCG hormone. Many are diets advertised over the internet who use copycat formulas of the hCG. The truth is, Trileana® is the only medical grade, patented hCG product available. Imitations hCG may have additives that do not deliver hCG as effectively in the body.